• TutorMandarin

    Among all the languages around the world, more and more people are learning a second or third language as a career plus, an interest or even a challenge to oneself. In this case, if you are planning to learn a new language, what would it be? English? Spanish? French? Or is it Mandarin? If you want to read full article, please click here

    Here, we’ll give you some ideas of why Mandarin should be your top choice if you are planning to learn a new language. Sign up for our free trial for more information about 1-on-1 online tutor at TutorMandarin and don’t forget to download ourapp!

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  • TutorMandarin

    Chinese is one of the most difficult languages in the world. If you had friends learning Chinese, you may hear them complaining about standard Chinese tones and complicated characters. We can divide Chinese into standard Chinese, as known as Mandarin, and Chinese variants such as Cantonese. Certainly, the number of non-native Chinese learners are increasing since Chinese has been one of the most widely spoken languages. If you want to read full article, click here

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  • Arezoo amd


    December 30, 2014 by Arezoo amd

    hi.Im an english teacher.I need a book about methods of teaching english to kids.

    pleas help me

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  • SuzukiA23

    I wrote a sample text of Mi'kmak logographic writing that was used for the Mi'kmak language of Atlantic Canada which was replaced with Latin script in the 1800s. Mi'kmak is actually the oldest writing system in North America besides Latin script.

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  • SuzukiA23
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  • SuzukiA23

    The most complicated letters are:


    ண, ஐ, இ,ஆ, ஔ,and ஊ


    ཛ,ག,ས,མ,༕ and ལ


    Ꮝ,Ꮹ,Ꭶ, and Ꮿ




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  • SuzukiA23


    March 8, 2014 by SuzukiA23



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  • SuzukiA23

    My own Runic Code!

    February 20, 2014 by SuzukiA23

    Yesterday I made my own Runic Code and I named it Philadelphia Runic Code or Philly Runes for short. But it isn't really a real Runic Code because it doesn't use too much Runic Letters. I call it a runic code because I kind of feel like naming it a rune.

    These are the letters:

    A - ᚤ

    B - β

    C - ゑ

    D - Д

    E - ޏ

    F - Ø

    G - γ

    H - פ

    I - ဣ

    J - ჯ

    K - ϧ

    L - Լ

    M - ά

    N - И

    O - ⲟ

    P - ·−−·

    Q - ʁ

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  • SuzukiA23

    The letters Æ, Œ, ⁊

    January 22, 2014 by SuzukiA23
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  • SuzukiA23

    The odd letter: Ȝ (yogh)

    January 11, 2014 by SuzukiA23

    Yogh is a letter in Middle English and it actually looks like the number 3. It was also used in Old English and so as the letters thorn, eth, and æ. But why are they not used in Modern English?

    Wikipedia: [1][2][3] Princeton: [4]

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  • SuzukiA23

    There is a stop sign with in 3 languages! English, French, and Cree!

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  • SuzukiA23


    January 2, 2014 by SuzukiA23

    Inuktitut is a Inuit-Aleut language spoken in northern Canada. It uses a special alphabet that has many letters.


    ᐃ ᐄ i  ᐅ ᐆ u  ᐊ ᐋ a  ᐦ h []

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