Cherokee (ᏣᎳᎩ ᎦᏬᏂᎯᏍᏗ|Tsa-la-gi Ga-wo-ni-hi-sdi) is a Native American language spoken in by the Cherokee people. It is written in the Latin alphabet and Sequoyah's Latin and Cyrillic based syllabary that has 95 letters.


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Cherokee Syllabary Edit

The first syllabics are Ꭰ,Ꭱ,Ꭲ,Ꭳ,Ꭴ,and Ꭵ; A E I O U and V


Handwritten syllabics: ᎠᎡᎢᎣᎤᎥ

The next ones are Ꭶ, Ꭷ, Ꭸ, Ꭹ, Ꭺ, Ꭻ , and Ꭼ; GA, KA, GE, GI, GO, GU, GV


The syllabics ᎦᎧᎨᎩᎪᎫᎬ

Common words and phrases in Cherokee Edit

Hello — (siyu) ᏏᏳ si-yu

Yes — (uuh) ᎥᎥ v-v

No — (tuh-la) Ꮭ tla

Name — (duu-do-uh) ᏚᏙᎥ du-do-v

Number — (se-stii) ᏎᏍᏗ se-s-di


1 - (sakuu) ᏌᏊ sa-quu

2 - (talii) ᏔᎵ ta-li

3 - (jodii) ᏦᏗ tso-di

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