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Duolingo is a free website designed to help people learn a language while simultaneously translating the Internet. Basically, you chose a language and the website creates a "skill tree" of different lessons. You have to work your way through to unlock the harder lessons, earning coins as you go. There is a leaderboard, which could provide extra motivation for those who are competitive. Duolingo is not an all-inclusive course, but could be used as extra practice, review, or for a language you are just flirting with. Grammar explanation is minimal, but the idea is that you pick it up as you go. If you already sort of understand how the language works or are familiar with a related language, you may be able to get a lot out of it.

Opinions and criticismEdit

One notable danger is learning only to translate and having difficulties thinking directly in your target language. Some users have also reported that the quality of the advanced lessons is low. The general consensus appears to be that it's not very comprehensive, but can work well as a supplement.

See the following threads:

Available Languages Edit

Duolingo is available for English speakers to learn UkrainianFrenchSpanish, German, ItalianPortuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Esperanto, Polish, Welsh, Vietnamese, Hungarian and Hebrew.

Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Romanian, Korean, Polish, Hindi, Arabic, Indonesian and Portuguese speakers can also use it to learn English.

Other combinations are:

  • Spanish for Portuguese speakers
  • French, Portuguese, German and Italian for Spanish speakers
  • German for Russian speakers
  • Spanish and Italian for French speakers
  • French for German speakers

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