Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands and is one of three official languages in Belgium, where it is called Flemish.
Spoken by: 27 million
Spoken in: Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders and Brussels), Suriname, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint-Eustatius, Sint-Maarten, French Flanders (France), Lower Rhine (Germany).
Language family: Germanic

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The Foreign Service Institute has classified Dutch as a "World" language. It is estimated that learning Dutch to a Professional Working Proficiency in the language (a score of Speaking-3/Reading-3 on the Interagency Language Roundtable scale) will take an average of 24 weeks (600 class hours).[1]

Resources Edit

The Grimm brother's stories in Dutch
Project Gutenberg Dutch materials
Worksheets with verb conjugations, vocabulary, etc
Dutch online grammar course
Learn Dutch
Dutch Public Broadcaster News (text)
Dutch Public Broadcaster Daily News (video)
Dutch Public Broadcaster News Archive(video)
Grimm stories (some with audio)
Learn Dutch: watch video with subtitles
Dutch grammar tutorial and some basic phrases
Various materials including some slow audio + text files
Librivox Dutch audiobooks and Dutch texts
Online Dutch dictionary
Something about Dutch
One beginner and one intermediate tutorial
Dutch Wikipedia
Search engine based in the Netherlands with great privacy and possible Dutch interface
An online course based on text, sound and pictures
Watch Dutch tv online
A site with mostly vocabulary and a little grammar
Tutorial games Dutch-English
Tutorial games English-Dutch
Dutch tutorial on the Indo-European Languages website.
Wikibooks Dutch
Unilang's Dutch for beginners
Flashcards, sentences, vocabulary and some texts
Laura speaks Dutch podcastv Say it in Dutch log - Idioms and colloquial Dutch
Sublearning - Dutch to English movie subtitle flash cards
Pimsleur offers a course in Dutch

References Edit

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