Exercise books (or explain and practice kind of books)Edit


Grammaire Progressive du FrançaisEdit

Probably the most popular French grammar series worldwide. Published by CLE, comes in four volumes. The most advanced one: Perfectionnement, deals with advanced grammar and troubleshooting for learners up to C1 level. All volumes follow the same format: left page explanations and examples, right page exercises. The only unpleasant thing about it is that the key to the exercises always comes in a separate, and separately paid, booklet.

Exerçons-nous: Grammaire 350 ExercisesEdit

A popular and older exercise book by Hachette. Comes in five volumes, ending with Superieur II. It doesn't give explanations but there are the exercises including tons of good exemples. Again, separate keys to exercises. A good thing to buy when you find it, currectly being slowly moved out of the market by new generation of exercise books by the same publisher.

l'Exercisier- Manuel d'Expression FrançaiseEdit

Another textbook workbook on French grammar, even though quite different from others. This one volume published by PUG focuses mainly on learners at levels B1-B2 and contains mostly practical and creative exercises. Much less space is given to the fill in the gaps exercises, instead you are applying what you know about grammar and observing how it rather communicative exercises but quite always relevant to a self-teaching student.

Nouvelle grammaire du français[1] Edit

This book was developed for the Sorbonne's "cours de civilisation français"[2] for students learning french as a foreign language. There is a series of associated exercise books graded on the CEFR scale A1-B2 produced by Hachette, the series is called "les 500 exercises du grammaire"[3]


English based:Edit

French grammar and usage, Hawkins and Towell (textbook)[1] supported by Practicing French Grammar, Hawkins, Lamy and Towell (exercises)[2]. Edit

Czech based:Edit

Cvičebnice francouzské gramatikyEdit

One piece of the great series published by Polyglot. Translation exercices, several thousands sentences sorted into four levels (inside one volume). A simple and easy to use format: left page Czech sentence, right page French sentence. Of course, there are often more ways to translate a sentence so your correct version won't match with the textbook one and the authors acknowledge that in the introduction. But it is still a great thing to use for your practice.

 Verb booksEdit

Toute la conjugaisonEdit

One of the best verb references on the market. It contains general information on verbs and their morphology, on the various times used in French and their use, tables with model verbs and those irregulars alike. A long list of about 6000 verbs claims to include all the verbs usually used in French and each one does have a simple number directing you to the table of it's model. The colourfup graphics makes this reference easy to search in and to use. Published by Magnard. And the content/price ratio is very learner friendly.

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