Themen AktuellEdit

Probably one of the most self learner friendly courses among those primarily meant for classrooms. The three levels will get you to A1, A2 and B1 CEFR levels. Each level usually consists of a textbook with CDs and a workbook. The workbook might be bilingual (there is an English, Czech, Russian and probably other versions as well) and it explains grammar, gives you vocabulary lists and many exerices. The textbooks balance quite well between the modern look and still having content. One of the big advantages is a lot of useful vocabulary right from the beginnings. The audio is of really good quality and the amount isn't bad at all (even though there is never enough listening practice, is it?)

Studio D (mostly negatively viewed at htlal)Edit

As can be seen in posts by Gemuse and Cavesa and perhaps a few others, this is likely to be one of the worst choices on the market, especially for an independent learner. It is an attempt on a modern, conversational course leading in a few volumes from 0 to B1. In reality, it is a series with little writen material, not quite systematical and explanatory approach to grammar and vocabulary, not many exercises and very little idea some learners might want to use the book out of class (not only as independent learners. Even learners from classes may find it difficult to review and further work with the book once their teacher is behind the corner). If you are in class with a really good teacher who provides you as well with tons of supplementary (or rather substitute) material, it may still be of some use. Otherwise it is unlikely.

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