Spoken by: ?
Spoken in: Italy
Language family: italic

Spoken in Italy

What Edit

Italian is a romantic language spoken primarily in Italy.  It has many similarities to Latin, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

Grammar Edit

Italian uses the Roman alphabet and most of the words in the language are latin-based.  The vast majority of words in Italian end in a vowel (a,e,i, o, or u).  Words are not pluralized by adding an 's' to the end as in many other romance languages.  Instead, the final vowel changes from an 'a' to an 'e' or from 'o'/'e' to 'i'. 

Orthography Edit

Common difficulties Edit

Resources Edit

There is an FSI-course for Italian.

Sublearning - Italian to English movie subtitle flash cards

There is Duo-lingo for Italian.

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