What is Langademy? Edit


Langademy is an online language exchange community where you can practice foreign languages with natives all over the world. 

Meetups for conversation exchanges Edit

Langademy provides a unique way to meet native speakers and exchange languages by videoconferencing: the Language Roulette. Langademy has Language Roulette rooms for every language. When users enter a room, they are paired with a conversation partner based on their filter. If no one is available when a user gets in, they can create meetups to let the others know when they will be available to chat, or they can join the existing meetups in the meetup board.

Time Banking Edit

Sharing economy is attracting a great deal of attention in recent years. Langademy is based on a sharing community where people share an invaluable asset: their time. Time banking is a way to make language exchange fair for everyone. If user share their native language with other Langademy users, they earn the same amount of time for practicing other languages in their Time Bank account. And when they practice a language that is not their native language, they spend time from their account.

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