Lao (ພາສາລາວ)
Spoken by: ~ 5 million, ~ 20 million if Isaan speakers are included
Spoken in: Laos, Thailand, Cambodia
Language family: Tai-Kadai
  • Tai
  • Southwestern Thai
  • Lao–Phutai

Phonology Edit

Lao has 37 consonants including the 7 consonantal ligatures and 33 vowels.

Grammar Edit

Orthography Edit

The official writing system for Lao is Laotian script. Here are the Lao letters:


Sound - Lao letter Transcription: ??

K - k | Kh - kʰ| Kh - kʷʰ | Ng - ŋ | Ch - tɕ | S - s | S - x | Gn - ɲ |


Lao text

Common difficulties Edit

Resources Edit

There is an FSI-course for Lao.

Lao language Wikipedia [1]

Omniglot: Lao script pronunciation and writing [2]

Learn Any Language wiki Basic Lao phrases- [3]

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