General informationEdit

  • Authors: Ingrid K.J. Williams et al.
  • First published: 1971
  • Number of lessons: 30 (each divided into 3 parts)

Books (copyright and first publication year in parenthesis)Edit

  • Deutscher Kursus: Lektionen (1971)
  • German Course: Handbook (Instructions, Explanatory Notes, Vocabularies) (1972)
  • Deutscher Kursus (Audioaktiv): Mündliche Übungen (1975)
  • Deutscher Kursus: Schriftliche Übungen (1971)

The “Handbook” has been published in other languages in addition to English.


  • Probably published on records in the 1970s and 80s
  • x cassettes
  • 8 CDs (+ 1 “getting started” CD)

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