All of us probably know more than enough music in English. However, it might be difficult to get oriented in the music using your non-English target language which is the reason why this list was started.

As you probably know others (especially in your native languages), please share!

The list is sorted by language used in lyrics (even if it is used only for some songs), nationalities don't matter.  

Please remember that the list is based on the taste and memory of its participants and therefore cannot represent the whole specter of music in various languages. It's up to you to find your path and taste, enjoy :-)


Камаедзіца folk rock/metal


Znouzecnost punk


Wohnout punk

Chinaski pop

Karel Gott old legend of popular music


note: you can find a lot of great bands at, but many sing in English and some in Swedish (most notably, Finntroll)

Korpiklaani folk metal

Harmaja rock

Ruoska industrial metal (nicknamed "the Finnish Rammstein")

Viikate rock

Teräsbetoni power metal (were at Eurovision-2008)

Mokoma thrash metal

Nightwish symphonic metal (only a few songs in Finnish)

Uniklubi rock

Moonsorrow viking metal


Verjnuarmu doom metal ("Savo metal" sung in this dialect)

Tapio Rautavaara folk/traditional, classics

Ajattara dark metal

Kolmas nainen pop/rock

Lama punk

Auringon hauta folk metal

Tuomari Nurmio rock

Turmion kätilöt industrial metal

Jenni Vartiainen pop

Chisu pop

Apulanta pop/rock

Raptori hip hop

Fintelligens hip hop

Suvi Teräsniska pop

Jukka Poika reggae

Soul Captain Band reggae

Vesa-Matti Loiri classic pop&rock

Paula Koivuniemi pop

Olavi Virta tango

Kaija Koo pop

Ultra Bra "big band" pop

Popeda rock

Kirka pop

Eppu Normaali pop

Anssi Kela pop/rock

J. Karjalainen pop/rock

Movetron dance

Frederik pop

Antti Tuisku pop


Stromae hip hop, electronic, pop

Édith Piaf chanson, ballads

Zaz french pop,jazz, soul

Jacques Brel french popular music

Manu Chao  punk, rock chanson, salsa,reggae, ska 

InGrid dance music

Noir Désir rock

Kain Quebecois folk rock

Natasha St-Pierre Canadian pop singer of Acadian origin


Eluveitie folk metal


Falco Neue Deutsche Welle, pop, rock

Rammstein industrial metal

Lacrimosa gothic metal, rock

In Extremo medieval metal


Luciano Ligabue rock

Vasco Rossi rock

Caparezza hip hop

Carmen Consoli pop

Miodio pop (from San Marino)

Nek pop

Laura Pausini pop

Gianluca Grignani pop

Pupo pop/rock

Nomadi rock

Marracash rap


Enigma gregorian chant, new age

Era gregorian chant, new age

Diablo Swing Orchestra avant-garde metal

Gregorian pop, rock, gregorian chant

Ista hip hop

Dr. Ammondt rock (Elvis in Latin!)


t.A.T.u pop

Fleur neofolk, pop

Тролль гнет ель folk rock/metal

Arkona folk metal

Ariya metal

Diana Gurtskaya pop

Zemfira rock

DDT rock

Agata Kristi rock

Kino rock

Krematoriy rock

Vitas "opera pop"


Manu Chao  punk, rock chanson, salsa,reggae, ska 

Ska-P ska

Shakira pop 

Aventura bachata

Makiza hip hop chileno

Tiro de Gracia hip hop chileno

Control Machete hip hop mexicano

El Guincho tropicália, psychedelic pop

Juanes rock

Héroes del silencio rock/metal

Mägo de Oz folk metal


Abba pop music

Finntroll folk metal (from Finland)


Cerrys Matthews 

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