This page will serve as a list of bilingual text and audio of German works for learners using the Listening-Reading Method

The texts are organized first by price (free/paid), then by second language (the language of the translation), and finally by level.

Free Edit

English Edit

A0-A1 Beginner


English Edit

A0-A1 Beginner Edit

  • First German Reader by Elisabeth May. Start out at a kid's level, but I wouldn't call them children's books. There are 3 volumes at least for the First Reader and then several for the Second Reader. At the very beginning they are really boring ("the hotel has many windows") but they do get better. Audio is free.  publisher | e-book | audiobook

A1-A2 High Beginner

  • Short Stories in Plain Spoken German by Belinda Depp. - Bilingual, adult high-beginner level, really good stories. The first one was a little scary! Audio is free. publisher| e-book| audiobook

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