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After a language learner has achieved a reading level in a new language, it becomes more difficult to find learning material to support further improvement to intermediate/advanced levels. For reading, simply advancing from learning material, such as courses and textbooks, to native material, such as books and novels, is obviously an interesting direction to proceed. Learning to listen is more difficult unless you have access to movies with good sub-titles or audio with parallel text. But it is often difficult to find good, accurate material that is also interesting. Librivox is one source but the material is often literature and very dated, out-of-copyright material that may not appeal to everyone. These days there are lots and lots of audiobooks, ebooks and paper books. If a language learner can find an interesting audiobook with an ebook or a paper book that accurately matches the audio, then voila! Listen to the audiobook while you read along in the matching text.

Unfortunately, audiobooks don't always match the ebooks or paper books. One or the other may be an abridged or shortened version, or simply a different version where the audio and the text does not match well enough to make it useful to use them together. So the purpose of this page in the wikia is for those who have found matching pairs of audiobooks with ebooks or paper books, to list them here. Then other language learners can order these exact versions knowing that they will be an accurately-matched pair.

The purpose of this page is to collect verified lists of accurately-matching pairs and list them by language. So please contribute. Provide the exact version if it is shown, or the ISBN number, so there is no doubt about which versions match. Please put your reports in the correct language section. Both the audiobook and the matching text (ebook or paper book) must be in the same language. If you know of a matching text in another language, you could add that too, but the essential information is for a match in a single language.

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