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Welcome to the Music Challenge!

The goal is to discover more new music in foreign languages, even the ones you're not learning (for example, if you feel wanderlust or want to explore a different culture).

The challenge is monthly. There will be no points system or winners. This page is just for keeping track of the progress. The challenge can be discussed in this thread (if there's enough interest, a new one will be started). If you're not a HTLAL member, please get in touch with @serpent849 on Twitter

There are three monthly subchallenges:

  • one album
  • 10 songs
  • 15 songs

An album has to be listened to in its entirety, although bonus tracks or remixes can be skipped. Due to the two other kinds of challenges, the minimal length is 7 songs or 40 minutes (for bands like Moonsorrow). Compilations count, self-released online albums also do. Fanmixes or youtube playlist don't count (unless based on published albums). If you skip the bonus tracks etc, the minimal length requirements should still apply. Double albums (min. 15 songs) can count for separate challenges and don't have to be done consecutively. Speaking of that, you don't have to listen to the songs in the "official" order, and you can devote more attention to some songs than to others, as long as you give each of them at least one listen.

If anything mentioned above is a problem for you, or if you want more variety, go for the song-based challenge.

Getting to know a song is a very subjective notion. Since there are no points, you can choose any reasonable definition for unfamiliar songs (and familiar ones). I personally think that if you've only heard a song live, or only a couple of times without really paying attention, it can still count.

If you can sing along perfectly, it obviously doesn't count as a new song, even if you have no clue what you're singing. However, you can also do a revision challenge and come back to familiar songs in order to learn them more properly. Again, the definition of "proper" is up to you - you don't have to translate the song or learn it by heart if you don't want to! Whatever works for you! Songs for the revision don't need to be the ones you've already used for the challenge, just any songs you happen to know but want to know better (whatever that means).

Monthly statsEdit

When you complete a monthly challenge, add your username to the appropriate cell or ask for it to be added in the challenges thread. Feel free to list yourself in more than one column, but only if you covered different material. If you're doing a revision challenge, please add (old) or (new+old) in brackets.

Month 1 album 10 songs 15 songs
January Spoonary
March Serpent
May Mork the Fiddle Mork the Fiddle

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