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Mikaelo Bronŝtejn. Oni ne pafas en Jamburg This book is about Soviet Russia under Brezhnev and the Russian Esperanto youth movement in the 1970s. Quite a different world, one that I knew little about before. As a novel, I didn't enjoy it that much, because it's more of a collection of episodes of life than a compelling story, but the insights into Soviet Russia made me keep on reading. (Sprachprofi) Sprachprofi
Lothar J. Seiwert. La ABC de tempoplanado This is a short but incredibly dense Esperanto book about time planning. I got a lot of motivations/ideas from
it that I shall be trying out. (Sprachprofi)


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Edmond Privat. Aventuroj de pioniro  a pleasure to read. Edmond Privat lived a remarkable life, traveling a lot and meeting many interesting people, including Gandhi and Nehru. (Sprachprofi) Sprachprofi

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