Contemporary Literature

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Wolfgang Hohlbein the most well-known German fantasy author... Some of the books written by him alone are dark,if you want to be sure to get a feel-good story you could try books written in cooperation with his wife Heike. Their most famous work is the Märchenmond saga, a core of 3*500 pages or so, with a lot of peripherals available, just like LOTR ;-)  (sprachprofi) Sprachprofi
Florian Schiel. B.A.f.H. - Das Neueste vom Bastard Assistant. I can recommend this book to anyone, particularly those learning German. There are few books that make me laugh out loud, but in this one every chapter is brilliant...  (sprachprofi) Sprachprofi
Birgit Vanderbeke. Das Muschelessen   At 100 pages, more of a long short story, told from the first person (I) of a teenage girl.  Allegory for the East German dictatorship.  Intermediate (BAnna) BAnna
Friedrich Dürrenmatt - Die Physiker
Friedrich Dürrenmatt - Die Physiker  a comic play about the ethics of science. definitely worth reading druckfehler
Benjamin v. Stuckrad-Barre - Soloalbum The aftermath of a breakup in the mid-90s (ish), as told in first person by a sad-sack rock critic. There is a LOT of slang, some of which may be a bit stale by now, and the run-on sentences can be challenging at times, so I would recommend it more for C1. But it's hilarious, especially for anyone who was into britpop in the 90s. osoymar

Classic Literature

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Herman Hesse A very good legitimate German writer to start off with. His writing style is much, much easier than that of Goethe, Mann, or even Kafka, etc., and his vocabulary is not especially advanced; yet his books and short stories are easy.  (RMM) RMM


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Works in Translation

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Books for Kids and Tweens

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Willi Fährmann. 

Siegfried von Xanten 

a children's book but interesting - it's a retelling of a part of the famous Nibelungenlied (Germanic epic).   (sprachprofi) Sprachprofi
Cornelia Funke She's a German children's book author and writes wonderful fantasy and children's books. Good when you are starting German.  (komma) Komma
Michael Ende Also a children's book author who writes very nice fantasy books.  (komma) Komma
Walter Moers Fantasy, sometimes a bit strange ideas, but very fun. And with pictures drawn by the author who also draws comics etc.  (komma) Komma

Films, Podcasts, Audio

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