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Contemporary Literature

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Joanna Chmielewska. Wszystko czerwone

So. bloody. awesome! Quite literally. A lot of puns. Features a Dane of Polish origin who speaks in an old-fashioned way. Russian-based parallel text available here  (serpent)  Serpent
"Tropiciele złoczyńców"

 by Aleksander Minkowski

lighter - detective stories, quite similar in terms of style and content to "The Three Investigators" / "Die Drei ???", set in Warsaw but the action could take place pretty much anywhere (in contrary to books by Petek which are pretty much set in the Polish reality, if I remember correctly)  (Julie). Julie
adventure books about Tomek Wilmowski, written by Alfred Szklarski that's pretty old and had a cult status in the generation of my parents and partly in mine (among boys, at least). Tomek travels to remote places all over the world (Australia, Africa, South America etc.), looks for hidden treasures, meets remote tribes etc. I'm not sure how accurate the descriptions of the faraway places are, or whether the books are always politically correct. In any case, I remember the books were real page-turners.  (Julie) Julie
"Felix, Net i Nika..." by Rafał Kosik  it's a whole series, supposedly real page-turners and very well-written (Julie)
Andrzej Sapkowski Fantasy with humourous, grim and medical detals. Trylogia husycka has a lot of lines in German, Czech, Italian, Latin, French. (see audiobooks too)  (Julie) Serpent
"Czarne stopy" by Seweryna Szmaglewska,   adventure stories, I read them both years ago and don't remember a lot but for sure they weren't bad. I got a feeling they might have gotten a bit outdated, though. (Julie)
"Stawiam na Tolka Banana" by Adam Bahdaj ditto
"Pan Samochodzik..."   a cult adventure/detective series of my parents' generation. For some reason I never really got to read it but thousands of books sold can't lie ;).   (Julie)

Classic Literature

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Works in Translation

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Books for Kids and Young Adults

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Edmund Niziurski  lots of stories about schoolboys getting into trouble (Julie) Julie
 Krzysztof Petek adventure/thriller stories for older teenagers/young adults, quite a lot of actions, mysteries, pretty grim and brutal for teen literature (in a positive way). I read only the series "Porachunki z przygodą", no idea about the other books.  (Julie) Julie

Małgorzata Karolina Piekarska. Tropiciele

Klasa Pani Czajki 

 I liked it a lot but might be too cheesy and boring when you are not at the target age anymore) and from her articles, and she's got a good writing style.  (Julie) Julie

TV, Films, Audio, etc.

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Andrzej Sapkowski - Trylogia Husycka Samples on Youtube.

 Amazing audiobook with sound effects and 100+ actors, including children and old people.


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