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Contemporary Literature

Cover Title Comments Thumbs Up

Classic Literature

Cover Title Comments Thumbs Up


Cover Title Comments Thumbs Up

Works in Translation

Cover Title Comments Thumbs Up
Russian prince
Маленький принц the well-known novella of writer, poet and pioneering aviator Antoine Saint-Exupéry glavkos

Books for Kids and Tweens

Cover Title Comments Thumbs Up
Денискины рассказы about two schoolboys getting into trouble all the time serpent
Курочка ряба
Курочка ряба Good for a beginner (ilonas) IlonaS



Колобок ditto
Три поросенка
Три поросенка ditto

Films, Audio, etc.

Title Year Comments Thumbs Up

Исчезнувшая империя

The Vanished Empire

2008 teenagers in 70s USSR, casual dialogue BAnna
Свинка Пепа 2004 cartoon (Peppa the pig) BAnna

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