Turkish (Türkçe)
Spoken by: ~ 70 million
Spoken in: Turkey
Language family: Altaic

Phonology Edit

Grammar Edit

Orthography Edit

Common difficulties Edit

Resources Edit

There is an FSI course for Turkish.

There is Duolingo for Turkish.

Two online dictionaries: Turkish Dictionary (site in English) and Yeminli Sözlük (site in Turkish). 

Manisa Turkish has clear grammar explanations and examples.

Pimsleur's Turkish I is a 30-lesson audio course. 

Sublearning - Turkish to English movie subtitle flash cards


Beginner to intermediate textbooks: 

Asuman Çelen Pollard and David Pollard, Teach Yourself Turkish (2004). 270 pp. 

Ad Backus and Jeroen Aarssen, Colloquial Turkish (2000). 352 pp. 

The Yeni Hitit series of textbooks has three levels. 

For advanced learners: 

Geoffrey Lewis, Turkish Grammar (2001). 328 pp. 

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