Hi, welcome to TutorMandarin. Today we’re gonna talk about a funny Chinese word. 拍马屁 pāimǎpì - if you just look at the word, it means slap on the horse’s butt. So what do we use this word for? 拍马屁 is a commonly used word to say that “to flatter others in order to get benefit”. Let’s look at some example:

他疯狂的对老板拍马屁想要博取好印象 tā fēngkuáng de duì lǎobǎn pāimǎpì xiǎng yào bóqǔ hǎo yìnxiàng He tries his best to flatter to his boss in order to make his boss impressed.  See full video on youtube.

That’s the word for today, don’t forget to sign up TutorMandarin free trial to get more lessons! Thanks for watching, see you!

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